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Towable Boom Lifts for Rent

Get your work done efficiently with the right towable boom lift rental. Also called a pull-behind lift, this equipment is ideal for outdoor and indoor work in narrow areas and is easy to transport across sites.

For our full list of towable boom lifts, view the items below. For more information about towable boom lifts, visit our resource section.

Blue Genie Towable Boom Lift
Código de clase de categoría

30-36 ft. Towable Boom Lift, Electric or Gas

  • Maximum lift height 30-36 ft. depending on model
  • Towable for improved portability
  • Electric or gas power may be available; models vary by location
  • La plataforma se controla con una sola mano
  • Usos: Ideal for power-washing, maintenance or painting jobs
Foto de producto del elevador de tijera extendido azul con refuerzos

Cero emisiones

Código de clase de categoría

37-45 ft. Towable Boom Lift, Electric

  • Maximum lift height 37-45 ft. depending on model
  • Towable for improved portability
  • Efficient and emission-free battery operation
  • Manual or hydraulic outriggers depending on the model
  • Usos: Ideal para trabajos en interiores y exteriores, como mantenimiento, poda de árboles o pintura

FAQs About Towable Boom Lifts

We offer a range of towable boom lifts for indoor and outdoor work. These lifts are also called tow-behind lifts and trailer boom lifts, ranging from small and compact 30-foot to 36-foot models up to large models with heights up to 45 feet. Towable man lifts are meant to fold down to a compact footprint, providing extra maneuverability and flexibility when working in narrow areas. With our selection of towable boom lifts for rent, you can save time on construction sites, tree trimming projects and maintenance applications that require added mobility.

Thanks to their compact size, these lifts can fit into tight spaces where other machinery won't go. They offer portability over larger alternatives, such as traditional self-propelled articulating booms and telescopic lifts. Learn more about tow-behind lift rentals in our FAQ section below.

Preguntas frecuentes
What is the maximum reach for towable boom lifts?

Maximum platform height or vertical reach for our towable boom lifts for rent vary from 30 feet to 45 feet depending on the model. Horizontal reach can range from 18 feet to 20 feet depending on the selection. Reach out to your local United Rentals branch if you have certain horizontal reach requirements.

What is the maximum weight capacity for towable boom lifts?

Towable boom lifts — also called towable cherry pickers — typically have a maximum capacity of 500 pounds. Reach out to your United Rentals branch if you need an aerial work platform with additional weight capacity.

Can you use towable boom lifts on uneven ground?

Yes, towable boom lifts can be used for a variety of applications on uneven ground. Most towable bucket lifts have outriggers for improved stability. Some models are designed with anti-slip treads, larger tires and traction control to ensure maximum safety and stability, even on rough terrain.

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