Aluminum Boxes/Shields (20)

United Rentals’ aluminum trench shields or trench boxes for rent provide strength while being lightweight, typically weighing around half as much as steel trench shields. Nuestra línea integral incluye protectores populares, así como modelos para servicio pesado. We also carry a Modular Aluminum Panel Shields (MAPS) system, which can be assembled in minutes and is designed to adapt with site requirements. Ambos sistemas ayudan a proteger a los trabajadores si ocurre un colapso. Learn more on How to Choose the Right Trench Protective System.

FAQs about Aluminum Boxes & Shields

What size jobs are aluminum trench shields or boxes used for?

  • Aluminum shields or trench boxes are perfect for smaller jobs, providing exceptional strength with as little as half the weight of steel trench shields.

When should a trench box be used?

  • OSHA requires that a trench box be used for all trenching or excavations that are 5 ft. or greater in depth.

What are the three main methods of protection against cave-ins?

  • According to OSHA, to prevent cave-ins you must slope or bench trench walls, shore trench walls with supports, or shield trench walls with trench boxes.


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