Manhole Boxes / Shields (5)

United Rentals’ manhole boxes, also known as manhole shields, help to reduce the amount of excavation required by surrounding the square pit with heavy steel panels. These manhole boxes for rent are rated for deeper jobs and available in single-walled or double-walled models to help keep your crew both productive and safe.

FAQs about Manhole Boxes & Shields

What are manhole braces?

  • Not to be confused with manhole boxes or manhole shields, manhole braces work with hydraulic shoring systems. Combining the benefits of aluminum hydraulic shoring with the ruggedness of steel box tubing, excavation braces are specifically designed for shoring square and rectangular excavations.

Why should you use a manhole shield?

  • Manhole shields help protect workers and maintain a safe working environment. They are designed to be used in various configurations and height options meant to protect workers in certain types of trench work, like pipe work or junction box installations.


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