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Chippers and stumpers are rugged land clearing equipment designed for chopping and mulching brush, tree limbs or trunks. With a variety of diameters and accessories, brush chippers, mulchers, and stumpers are handy for projects of any size. Whether you need commercial forestry equipment or need to clean up your own property, United Rentals has walk-behind gas-powered woodchippers for smaller jobs and towable chippers, stump grinders, and brush mulchers for larger jobs. For stumper and chipper rentals, enter your location to see prices and availability near you.


FAQs about Chippers & Stumpers

What's the difference between a chipper and a shredder?

  • A chipper — also known as a mulcher, brush chipper or wood chipper — is typically used to break up brush or branches from trees into manageable chunks for mulch. A shredder breaks up leaves and brush for composting or recycling purposes. Stumpers remove and break up large tree branches and stumps

What should I look for in a wood chipper?

  • The materials you are breaking up and the size of the job are the primary considerations when choosing equipment. A gas-powered or towable chipper is for heavy-duty jobs, such as large branches. Stumpers are also heavy-duty equipment, but they are used for tree stumps with large diameters. For smaller jobs like clearing small branches and leaves, an electric chipper or shredder would be enough.

How big of a wood chipper do I need?

  • Before choosing a chipper or stumper, you should have an idea of the diameter of the largest branches or brush you need to break up at one time. United Rentals carries 6" to 12" diameter chippers for a wide range of chipping jobs. For large contractor clearing jobs, a towable chipper is heavy-duty enough.
Stump Grinder
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Brush Chipper, 12 in. Branch Diameter

  • Maximum 12" branch diameter
  • Welded construction with heavy-duty components
  • Heavy duty cutting wheels
  • Processes large amounts of brush and small trees
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Wood Chipper Pack Shot
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Brush Chipper, 6 in. Branch Diameter

  • 25 caballos de fuerza
  • Automatic self-feeding system
  • Heavy-duty cutting wheels
  • Processes large amounts of brush and small trees
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stump grinder pack shot
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Triturador de tocones hidráulico de 35 HP

Stump Grinder Pack Shot
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Triturador de tocones, 11 a 14 hp

  • Profundidad de corte de hasta 13” bajo el suelo y hasta 25” sobre el suelo
  • Ancho de corte de 40”
  • No necesita reposicionarse para seguir cortando rápidamente en tocones más pequeños
Stump Grinder
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Triturador de tocones, 20 a 30 hp, hidráulico