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Change the way work gets done on projects big and small.

The United Rentals' Worksite Performance® platform includes Total Control® a cloud-based worksite management solution that helps you make the most of your equipment fleet—rented and owned.

This comprehensive, integrated suite of tools and services makes it easy to streamline your processes and cut your annual rental costs by up to a third.

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See, Manage, Measure and Optimize your fleet with Total Control

Right-size your fleet

Access the location and use of rented equipment from a convenient dashboard. Role-based alerts, utilization tracking and telematics will help you reduce the time machines sit idle, saving you money.

Maximize your fleet value

Set and measure benchmarks to see how you’re performing as you seamlessly share machines between jobs with PO splitting. Off-rent equipment smarter using our Leniency Chart and Rate Calendar.

Streamline your processes

Make your life easier with digital rentals and management that let you do what used to take days in just hours. Our 24/7 digital self-service lets you do business on your terms with PO tracking, auto-invoicing and more.


Enhancements to the PO Tab

See your projected costs at the PO Level

total control po dashboard


Key features:

PO Data auto-populates — no need to create PO trackers.

System allows you to set a budget or expiration date, notifying you if a PO needs attention.

Live links help you navigate to overdue or open contracts, quotes/reservations, invoiced and paid invoices.

What goes into calculation:

You can select what you want to include: Quotes, Reservation, Open Rentals, Invoiced.

Project cost based on: Invoiced, Accrued, Projected/Estimated Return Date.

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See: Real-time visibility

blue line

From the field or office, see equipment utilization and pinpoint the location of your rented and owned equipment.

man using phone in truck cab
Manage: An all-in-one solution

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Order and return equipment, save costs across multiple purchase orders and invoices and set alerts for important issues.

vehicles moving around worksite
Measure: Benchmark and track

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Use our GPS-enabled fleet and years of data to benchmark your equipment performance against your industry peers.

trailer hauling equipment down road
Optimize: Improve operational efficiency

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Save time and money by right-sizing your fleet for what's needed to get the job done.


Total Control works for a wide range of customers

"Without Total Control, there would be waste everywhere. Without it, our costs would spiral. It's effectively taken our spend from $12M to about $4M."                                                                                

- Equipment Director for a major petrochemical refinery

“No longer do we rent a piece of equipment, walk away from it and not think about it until we get the bill.”

- Logistics Manager for a commercial contractor

“The level of detail we get with Total Control is better than our own system. We immediately saw an opportunity to become more efficient with our equipment, billings and everything else.”

- Company Supervisor for an oil and gas contractor


We can help you effectively manage your equipment

La administración de la utilización del equipo siempre ha sido difícil. That changes with the United Rentals Benchmarking Service. Basándose en más de 20 años de datos y experticia, United Rentals ha creado la primera herramienta de evaluación comparativa de utilización integral para diferentes industrias y categorías de equipos.


FAQs about Total Control Support

As a Total Control user, you receive priority service from United Rentals.

I'm an existing Total Control user. Who do I contact for support or help?

Total Control users have a dedicated customer support contact. If you are an existing Total Control user, please contact our dedicated Total Control support team by phone at 844.474.8520 or via email at

Should a Total Control user call the customer care line?

The customer care line — the number that can be found in the header and footer of every page on — is for general rental questions and support. 

Total Control users have a dedicated customer support contact. Please contact our dedicated Total Control support team by phone at 844.474.8520 or via email at

What information do I need ready once I call the Total Control support team?

In order to better expedite support, please have your account number or account name ready if you have them.


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