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United Rentals Offers Tool and Equipment Rentals for Every Job

Stay on top of every project with United Rentals’ tool and equipment rentals. We provide everything needed to keep your jobsite running smoothly. With an industry-leading team strategically located across North America, we offer comprehensive tool solutions that are crucial to safely achieving your project goals and attaining your profitability margins across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

At United Rentals, we partner with customers to establish what we call TPPs — Tooling Policies and Procedures. The TPPs aim to improve jobsite productivity while helping companies preserve capital and minimize loss and overconsumption. All of these lead to a reduction in cost per craft hour for tooling, putting more profits toward your bottom line.

Tool Rentals for All Applications

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Tool Trailer Yields Major Savings for Refinery Shutdown

A large refinery shutdown is always a complex undertaking. One global Canadian energy company postponed its planned 2020 shutdown due to COVID-19, causing the scope of its 2021 shutdown to grow substantially. As a result, the project needed to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Learn how United Rentals assisted with the process.

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Construction Company Saves Big with Managed Tools

When an industrial construction company based in the Southeast set out to build a fabrication plant for a manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, project managers knew they’d have to tool up.

Learn how United Rentals assisted with the rent-vs-buy process.

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Tackle Any Job With Tool Solutions

With our vast inventory of power and climate control equipment, more than 900 MW of power in North America, dedicated solutions and delivery teams, and 24/7 real-time response, we’ve got you covered.

Soluciones en herramientas y equipos pequeños

¡Así es como podemos apoyar su proyecto!

Es más que solo alquilar el equipo, se trata de productividad en el trabajo, de tener acceso rápido a la herramienta correcta para la tarea adecuada, visibilidad y transparencia sobre sus hábitos con las herramientas, lo que da como resultado mayores márgenes.

En United Rentals, nos asociamos con los clientes para establecer lo que llamamos TPP (Tooling Policies and Procedures, en español, Políticas y procedimientos de manejo de herramientas). Las TPP buscan mejorar la productividad del lugar de trabajo mientras ayudan a las compañías a conservar el capital a la vez que minimizan las pérdidas y el consumo excesivo. Todo esto lleva a la reducción de sus costos por hora de manejo de herramientas, lo que pone más utilidades en sus resultados.

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