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Rent On-site Tool Cribs to Help You Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

One of the biggest challenges associated with tooling is ensuring the tools needed for every job are easily accessible and organized. With United Rentals’ on-site tool cribs, you can ensure your jobsite is strategically equipped and organized to operate smoothly. Get more work done faster.

On-site tool cribs are delivered directly to your jobsite and can be managed by a United Rentals team member. This tool expert uses our scanning system to check out tools to authorized users, inspect tools upon return, and provide maintenance services and safety oversight. Our mobile tool cribs improve efficiency, streamline operations and reduce costs so you can see improvements to your bottom line.

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Administración del cuarto para herramientas en el sitio de trabajo

Obtenga el equipo de organización que necesita para maximizar la funcionalidad del lugar de trabajo. Choose from our large selection of core drills, electric hoists, work lights, pipe threaders, rotary hammers, reciprocating saws, arc welders and accessories.

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Customized Toolboxes

For smaller projects and traveling contractors, United Rentals offers the Pro-Box, a cost-effective solution that features custom-stocked gang boxes delivered directly to your jobsite. Supplement your existing tools with job-specific equipment, including hoisting, cutters, pliers, saws, sockets and wrenches, hammers, punches, tape measurers, and more.

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