Webinar Series Designed for Managing Your Worksite Performance

Equipment, data, safety and expertise are at our core. United Rentals wants to share trends, knowledge and tips for you and your business. In these times, safety and work practices can change day-to-day.

The United Rentals Webinar Series provides advice, safety guidance and innovation from experts and leaders across multiple industries to help navigate these changing times.

Designed for decision-makers, owners, contractors and consultants, our free webinars will provide helpful and practical tips to identify and mitigate risks, update best practices on your worksites and construction projects.

View the upcoming schedule of our free industry and construction webinars or watch past webinars on-demand below.

Webinar Series


On-Demand Webinars
Frictionless Fleet Management: Accelerating Opportunities for Cost Savings

Managing fleet and equipment rental needs across multiple projects, worksites and departments is inherently complex. Using a single-source, online platform to manage your owned and rented fleet helps tame that complexity and alleviate friction points in the process. Access insightful information and make actionable data and context a part of your team’s decision making process.  Discover how Management by Exception supports renting on-schedule, improving utilization and right-sizing your fleet - all working together to accelerate your path to cost savings.

The New Normal: Safety and Productivity in a Changing Environment

Join United Rentals for a 45-minute webinar on safety as we discuss the steps we take to ensure our fleet is sanitary and ready for your use.

The Data Said So: Using Analytics to Drive Process Improvement and Cost Savings

Updating processes and changing the way business gets done on-site can be challenging, but when done correctly, extremely rewarding. Data and analytics can be a catalyst to change, and ultimately, success. Explore one customer's process improvement lifecycle and get insights into how they used analytics to drive double-digit cost-savings.

Change Management in a Time of Remote Working

Adoption and implementation of change can be a challenge for any organization, and can be even more challenging when members of your team are working remotely. In this session, United Rentals will share thoughts and best practices to guide you through the change management process smoothly. We will also explore tool and resources available to help your organization install and adopt Total Control.

Better Together: Success Through System Integration

System integration can help your company streamline processes and create efficiencies. In this session, United Rentals will review the different types of integrations and how they are applicable. Plus, we will address the multiple points in the P2P process, from ordering management of on-rent items, all the way to invoicing and payment. Explore the pros and cons of each option and get insights from the experts.

Upcoming Webinars

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