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From compact, hand-held tillers to walk-behind rear tine tillers, United Rentals has the tool you need to break through the ground you're cultivating. Los arados traseros brindan una amplia potencia para atravesar terrenos y suelos duros con facilidad y son ideales para cultivar en filas de jardín. Front tine tillers are ideal for tilling narrow spaces and around obstacles. To find the prices for tiller rentals, enter your location to see prices and availability near you.


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Will a tiller remove grass? 

  • Yes, a heavier-duty rear tine tiller, such as a walk-behind gas-powered tiller, can remove grass easily. A walk-behind tiller can also aerate the soil underneath.

How far down does a tiller dig? 

  • Tilling depth depends on the machine, but typically small tillers—also known as garden cultivators—dig up to 4”, and heavy-duty rear tine tillers can dig 8” or more.

Can you use a tiller on wet ground? 

  • A tiller works on wet ground, but it creates solid clumps of wet soil and does not aerate, possibly leading to root problems later. If you need to dig through wet soil, an earthmoving tool would be better than a tiller.



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Clase de categoría: 290-7455

Arado delantero, 5 hp

  • Plow style handle for comfortable use
  • Controles montados en la manija para facilidad de uso
  • Manija de 3 posiciones para una mejor maniobrabilidad
  • Easy start gas engine
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Clase de categoría: 290-0500

Hand-held Tiller, Two-cycle Engine

  • Two-cycle engine requires gas/oil mixture in gas tank
  • Ideal for digging planting holes for new trees and shrubs
  • Hand grips designed for comfort
  • Compact size for tight places
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Clase de categoría: 290-7530

Walk-behind Rear Tine Tiller, Gas Powered, 13 hp

  • 26" tine diameter
  • Cuts brush and saplings up to 2" thick
  • 3 speeds (2 fwd, 1 rev)
  • Ideal for breaking new ground on a plot with dense, heavy clay soil
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Clase de categoría: 290-7450

Walk-behind Tiller, Gas Powered, 5 hp, 26 in.

  • 26" tilling width
  • 13" tine diameter
  • Controls are mounted on the quick-adjust, 3-position handle
  • Ideal for breaking up soil between rows and working in established gardens
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