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Our fleet of lawn and landscape equipment includes a variety of tools to keep your landscape in tiptop shape. From hydraulic or gas augers to chippers and stumpers, we have what you need. We also carry several chainsaws in different sizes, all of which are designed to maximize safety when used, and to accommodate any project.

Si busca mantener su terreno de césped, elija cualquiera de nuestras herramientas del equipo para césped. Sod cutters, weed eaters, log splitters, hedge trimmers and backpack leaf blowers will keep your lawn in the best shape possible.

Find out the “7 Pieces of Lawn and Landscaping Equipment That Every Professional Needs.


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How long does it take to grind a stump with a stump grinder?

  • A stump grinder is a piece of heavy equipment that grinds the stump and main roots below the tree into wood chips. However, the time it takes to grind a stump depends on the size of the stump, the location and the weather. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.

Do you really need to aerate your lawn?

  • A lawn aerator rental from United Rentals can help you create the beautiful lawn you dream of. If you have compacted soil, soil with heavy foot traffic, or are renovating or planting a new lawn, aeration can help improve water and nutrient movement, improve rooting, prevent fertilizer and pesticide runoff, and enhance irrigation. The best time to aerate is in the fall; however, if your lawn is already healthy and green after the summer, there is no need to aerate.

What's the difference between a garden cultivator and a garden tiller?

  • Garden cultivators are lighter pieces of equipment than tillers and are used to loosen the soil in existing areas, weeding the area, and mixing compost into the soil. Garden tillers are more powerful, with heavier, larger tines to work the soil. While tillers can perform smaller jobs in place of a garden cultivator, heavy-duty tillers are best used for larger projects like breaking up new ground or digging deep into the soil. United Rentals has a fleet of walk-behind and hand-held tillers for rent that are right for your project.



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Clase de categoría: 625-4600

Chain Saw, Gas Powered, 20 in. Cutting Blade

  • Designed for 20" blade
  • Large muffler baffles reduce noise level
  • Rear hand guard reduces the risk from injury
  • Use Cases: Cut through wood and other materials depending on blade
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  • Fuel and chain purchased separately
Clase de categoría: 290-3010

One-man Auger, Gas Power, 11 hp, 36" Depth

  • Drill bit drilling depth of 36"
  • Handle mounted throttle controls and engine stop switch
  • Manillares con vibración amortiguada que disminuyen la fatiga del operador
  • Use Cases: Ideal for drilling holes for fence post holes
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  • Additional charges may apply for auger bits
  • United Rentals will contact you to confirm requirements
Clase de categoría: 290-2455

Walk-behind Sod Cutter, 5.5 hp, 18 in.

  • Up to 18" cutting width
  • Variable speed
  • Self-propelled drive system
  • Sod strips can be cut in lengths from 1 to 6 feet long
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