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United Rentals offers specially designed bedding containers with tapered ends to improve the removal of bedding material and give your excavator operators better control. Available in 5-yard to 12-yard sizes, the bedding boxes feature low profiles for easy filling from either side and top frames with inner hardwood cores.

FAQs about Bedding & Rock Boxes

What is a bedding box?

  • Bedding boxes are built to hold a wide range of materials, from lightweight to heavy-duty, on a construction worksite. By keeping construction sites clean and clear of debris, you are eliminating obstacles that could cause accidents. Operators can fill the boxes with material that can be stored and used later to fill trench areas, and the boxes offer enough opening for a clean sweep by an excavator bucket.

What types of material do bedding boxes hold?

  • Bedding and rock boxes can hold whatever you need to keep the construction site clean as well as save material for later use. Fill these types of boxes with gravel, stone, rocks, dirt and more.


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Clase de categoría: 941-9712

Caja para lecho, 12 yardas

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  • Servicio estándar
  • Extremos achaflanados
  • El perfil bajo de 44" permite el llenado desde cualquier extremo o lado
  • Prácticos extremos achaflanados

  • Bastidor superior, con núcleo de madera dura en el interior

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