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Our full fleet of self-propelled and hand-held street concrete saws are user-friendly and productive for your concrete work. Hand-held concrete saws are suited for utility work, cutting in trenches and areas affected by water. Our ergonomic walk-behind saws - also called street saws - are ideal for street repairs, utility work, curb cutting, sensor installation and other applications.

Las sierras autopropulsadas para concreto son ideales para trabajos grandes en los que se necesita cortar concreto o asfalto seco o húmedo. Estas unidades tienen bastidores resistentes y chasis para conservar el nivel. Our concrete saws can also cut softer green concrete while working to reduce random cracking or chipping.


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How deep do you saw cut concrete?

  • Cutting depth depends on your project. If you are doing regulation-required work such as curb cuts or utility work, the dimensions will be clear. These heavy-duty concrete saws are designed for that kind of work. We have a range of saws that can cut from 1 1/4 in. to our largest concrete chainsaw that can cut up to 16 in. thick. Each saw will have a maximum cutting depth according to the manufacturer. Operators should not cut the maximum cutting depth in a single pass, however, but cut a little bit deeper each pass to avoid damage to the blade.

Is it possible to cut materials aside from concrete with a concrete saw?

  • Concrete saws are designed to cut into materials that would break other types of saws, such as tile, stone and even metal. We offer masonry saws and tile saws for those specific uses. ¿No está seguro de qué necesita? Call United Rentals today 833-525-6346.

How many decibels is a concrete saw?

  • Power saws and cutting equipment noise can range from 85 db average but can peak around 114 db. OSHA requires hearing protection for workers who work an entire shift with 85 db or above noise level. Consider wearing hearing protection along with your other personal protective equipment if you are completing a large job with a concrete street saw.

When should I saw cut concrete?

  • Concrete saws are useful for many applications. You can cut joints or slip-resistant grooves into concrete slabs or create curb cuts. Whenever you need straight lines and deep cuts, a saw would be advantageous. If you need to remove layers of concrete or prepare for a coating, use a grinder or scarifier. If you need to remove a cylinder of concrete to lay pipe or to take samples, a core drill would be the best choice.

Can I cut concrete with a skill saw?

  • Some skill saws are designed for cutting concrete. We have hand-held circular saws for masonry and concrete work. Check out our selection of cut-off saws and blades for options.



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Concrete Chainsaw Blade Diamond Chain, 14 in.

  • Ideal for heavy-duty concrete cutting
  • Chains available for different models of concrete cutting chainsaws
  • Bar length 14"
  • Includes diamond-capped teeth for tough materials
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Clase de categoría: 625-6950

Concrete Chainsaw, 12-14 in., Gas Powered

  • No rotational "kickback"
  • Ideal for cutting cut beam pockets, HVAC openings and electrical boxes
  • Liviana y portátil
  • Gas powered
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Clase de categoría: 625-7250

Walk-behind Concrete Saw, 18-20 in.

  • Up to 13 horsepower
  • Maximum cutting depth up to 7"
  • Rueda trasera de desplazamiento diseñada para no rodar sobre el corte
  • Use Cases: Ideal for cutting through concrete blocks or curb cutting
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