Carpet Installation for Rent

United Rentals can help you properly install carpet at your worksite with carpet installation tools like the knee kicker installer. The knee kicker installer stretches new carpet evenly into the corners without wrinkling the material and is also useful for installation in smaller areas such as closets or stairs.


FAQs about Carpet Installation

What are common tools that I need for carpet installation?

  • Here are some top-recommended tools to have before starting a carpet installation project: carpet knife (utility knife), tack strip cutter, hand stapler, knee kicker, wall trimmer, power stretcher, measuring tape, seam roller and seaming iron, and a hammer. There are more tools and tool varieties for your installation project, but the above recommendations will get you started.

Do you cut carpet from the top or bottom?

  • It’s best to work on the back side of carpet as it is flat without a thick pile of carpet to get in your way. Start by outlining your cuts with a marker before using a knife.

Can I install carpet without a knee kicker?

  • You can, but it is not recommended. Installing carpet without a knee kicker or carpet stretcher can lead to the carpet buckling and creasing after an amount of time. This is an unprofessional method of installation.
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Carpet Water Extractor

  • Up to 150 PSI of water lift
  • Fácil de utilizar
  • Compact for convenient transport
  • Large capacity tank
  • Uses: Commercial cleaner that removes water or a cleaning treatment from carpet or upholstery
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