Hydraulic Shoring (12)

Keeping your crew safe underground is priority No. 1, for you and for us. Trench shoring is designed to prevent collapse by bracing the walls of a trench. With an equipment selection that is comprehensive and heavy-duty, trench shore rentals include hydraulic shoring, beam and plate shoring systems, manhole braces, fin boards, and the other accessories you need to have a complete shoring system. Learn more about Essential Trench Safety Tips from our United Rentals experts.

FAQs about Hydraulic Shoring

What is hydraulic shoring?

  • Hydraulic shoring is constructed of hydraulic pistons pumped until they press walls up against the trench. El apuntalamiento hidráulico se usa regularmente con placas de acero o madera contrachapada pesada llamada Finform para apoyarse contra las paredes de la zanja. Esta solución de apuntalamiento ofrece máxima versatilidad y es ideal para trabajar en condiciones complejas, en especial, alrededor de estructuras y servicios públicos existentes.

What are the benefits of beam and plate shoring systems?

  • Los sistemas de balancín y placa ofrecen una alternativa única redituable a los métodos usuales de apilamiento de placas. Ideal for longer term excavations, the system is installed faster than traditional steel sheeting at a fraction of the cost, while providing you with the necessary workspace.

How deep can a trench be without shoring?

  • According to OSHA requirements, a trench protective system must be used when a trench is 5 ft. or greater in depth. If less than 5 ft., a competent person may determine that a trench protective system is not necessary.


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