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Earth augers are great for earth-drilling projects such as fencing, landscaping or digging. With a variety of diameter sizes ranging anywhere from 2” to 18”, these auger rentals are handy for numerous projects around the house, farm or jobsite. United Rentals offers a variety of lightweight, well-balanced augers for rent with special features not offered with competitive models. Whether you are installing a fence, deck or sign, we have the right auger drill for the job. To find the cost of our auger inventory, please enter your location to see prices and availability.


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What is the difference between an ice auger and an earth auger?

  • Ice augers allow you to drill a hole through the ice for ice fishing. However, earth augers for rent at United Rentals come with features specifically for dirt applications. The smaller machines include a heavy-duty centrifugal clutch that slips when the auger comes into contact with any obstruction, like rock or concrete. The machines also offer a unique design that eliminates kickback when forced to suddenly stop, making them safe and easy to use.

How deep can a one-man auger or two-man auger dig?

  • A one-man auger can typically dig around 3’ deep, which is satisfactory for most fence posts, planters or other lawn applications. If you need to dig even deeper, a two-man auger can typically dig up to 5’. That depth is ideal for applications in cold climates where frost can penetrate more than 3’.

How do I measure the auger diameter?

  • The auger diameter is measured by adding the shaft diameter to two times the strip width. United Rentals provides auger rentals with diameters between 2” and 18”.

What diameter of auger should I use for fence posts?

  • The right post hole auger diameter depends on the application. Earth augers with 2” to 3” diameters are best for gardeners who plant bulbs, install small stakes and poles, and perform root aeration. Auger rentals with 4” to 5” diameters work for smaller fence posts and plants that come in quarter-sized pots. Choose a 7” diameter for plants in gallon-sized pots, and drilling holes for 4x4 fence posts. Finally, augers with 8” to 9” diameters work for plants in two-gallon-sized pots, and drilling holes for larger 6x6 fence posts.

How deep do I need to dig post holes? 

  • Typical post hole augers dig around 3’ deep, but you may need to dig even deeper depending on the height of the fence posts. Call United Rentals at 1-800-URRENTS (800-877-3687) to speak with an equipment expert about your requirements.




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One-man Auger, Gas Power, 11 hp, 36" Depth

  • Drill bit drilling depth of 36"
  • Handle mounted throttle controls and engine stop switch
  • Manillares con vibración amortiguada que disminuyen la fatiga del operador
  • Use Cases: Ideal for drilling holes for fence post holes
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  • Additional charges may apply for auger bits
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