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Motorized concrete buggies - also known as georgia buggies - are ride-on wheelbarrows used for holding and pouring a load of wet concrete where you need it. We offer a variety of gas-powered buggies for commercial or large jobs and push around buggies for smaller jobs.

The georgia buggy was originally designed for concrete work but is now used for many applications, including transporting sod in landscaping, material handling and debris removal. We have multiple sizes available for whatever your site needs.

Concrete buckets are specially designed hoppers for large amounts of wet concrete. These are not the five gallon buckets used by concrete DIY-ers. Our concrete buckets can hold from 3/4 yards to 5 yards of concrete. They are easily transported by forklift and can pour up to 1.5 cu. yards of concrete into your site.


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How much does a concrete buggy weigh?

  • Weight depends on the model and size of the georgia buggy. Motorized concrete buggies can weigh up to 2 tons and can hold up to 2 tons of concrete. Concrete is very heavy so the buggy has to be durable and hefty enough to carry and transport it. A push buggy, transported by hand, can weigh up to 1,000 lbs. with concrete. Concrete typically weighs 145 lb. per cubic foot, and a concrete buggy can hold up to 8 cu. ft.

How much concrete does a georgia buggy hold?

  • We offer a variety of motorized georgia buggies that can hold from 10 cu. ft. to 30 cu. ft. depending on your needs. These buggies are good for commercial uses or construction sites. Our push concrete buggies can hold up to 8 cu. ft. if you have a smaller job such as a patio or slab work.

Should I get a concrete bucket or a concrete buggy?

  • Concrete buckets and concrete buggies store wet concrete and pour it for use. If you have one work site and do not need to move around to pour, a concrete bucket can suit your needs. If you need to move around the worksite or pour concrete in multiple places, a concrete buggy would be advantageous because you can quickly move around and dump your concrete wherever you need it.



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