Sheeting (22)

United Rentals stocks a variety of sheeting profiles in different shapes, thickness and lengths for use in a number of situations based on engineering design. El laminado de acero superpuesto y ensamblable es el sistema preferido para condiciones de suelo muy inestable o saturado.

FAQs about Sheeting

What is sheeting construction?

  • Sheeting construction consists of interlocking metal sections to provide excavation and earth-retention support.

What is the difference between sheeting and sheathing?

  • Sheathing is commonly used in reference to roof sheeting. Generally speaking, roof sheathing is material that provides a base in which to attach roofing material to.

What is polyethylene sheeting?

  • Polyethylene sheeting offers plastic protection to be used in a variety of projects for countertop and flooring protection, to seal off rooms and cover building materials, or for use in lead abatement.


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