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Atrium Lifts for Rent

United Rentals provides reliable and expertly maintained atrium lifts for rent. Atrium lifts are ideal for outdoor and indoor construction, facilities maintenance and tree care due to their compact footprint and outriggers for improved balance. Browse our atrium lift rentals below.

For our full list of atrium lifts, view the items below. For more information about atrium lifts, visit our resource section.

Pluma para elevación articulada compacta

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35-42 ft. Atrium Lift, Electric or Gas

  • Maximum lift height up to 35-42 ft. depending on model
  • Working height up to 48 ft.
  • Electric or gas power may be available; models vary by location
  • Narrow width, fits through standard commercial doorways
  • Usos: Ideal para elevar trabajadores y equipos para reparaciones de mantenimiento aéreo, pintura y más
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69-72 ft. Atrium Lift, Diesel or Electric

  • Maximum lift height 69-72 ft. depending on model
  • Jib and extension may be included depending on model; models vary by location
  • Electric or diesel may be available; models vary by location
  • Compact design to travel through a double door
  • Usos: Ideal para trabajos elevados de construcción y mantenimiento en espacios confinados

FAQs About Atrium Lifts

Atrium lifts, also known as spider lifts, compact crawler boom lifts, tracked boom lifts and arborist lifts, are a great choice for tree care and maintenance applications at extreme heights. These compact aerial lifts are narrow enough to fit through standard commercial doorways, making them perfect for tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas. They come in various sizes with platform heights between 35 feet and 42 feet in smaller models up to 72 feet in larger models. Learn more about atrium lifts in the FAQ section below.

Preguntas frecuentes
What is the maximum working height and reach of atrium lifts?

Maximum working height and reach can vary depending on the model available. Each lift has a maximum reach depending on model specs, and working height is calculated by adding 6 feet — the assumed height of an operator — to the maximum platform height. Some of our medium-duty atrium lift rentals have a maximum platform height up to 42 feet, with working height of up to 48 feet, while our largest model of atrium lifts can reach almost 72 feet, with a working height of up to 78 feet.

What is the maximum weight capacity for atrium lifts?

Like other aerial work platforms, atrium boom lifts can carry up to 500 pounds depending on the model. Carrying capacity can vary depending on if the atrium lift is articulating or telescopic. Contact United Rentals to confirm your requirements to ensure you receive the best crawler lift rental for your needs.

Is an atrium lift suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Atrium lifts are great for indoor and outdoor use. They have soft rubber tracks, which is why they’re also known as track boom lifts or spider lifts, designed to roll through standard commercial doorways. But their outriggers make them ideal for outdoor work like tree care and outdoor maintenance; the outriggers help keep them balanced on outdoor terrain.

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