Aerial Attachments & Safety (9)

Aerial work platforms including boom lifts, scissor lifts and personnel lifts often require additional safety gear or other attachments to ensure a safe work environment. From baskets to pipe cradle and exhaust scrubbers, United Rentals has the right attachments to enhance the versatility and productivity of your lifts.


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Can you use a scissor lift on a slope?

  • The Manufacturers Identification Plate on the aerial work platform will specify the appropriate grade an aerial lift is equipped to handle. Some models of scissor lifts use tilt level sensors to identify if the slope is at a safe working angle.

What do scrubbers do?

  • Scrubbers are attachments that bolt onto the muffler of aerial work platforms with the purpose of maintaining clean working environments. If the job site requires a clean working environment, electric lifts could be used as an alternative in order to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. 

Should you wear a harness in a cherry picker?

  • A harness is required to be worn while operating a cherry picker, regardless of height.



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Aerial Work Personal Fall Protection System

  • Nylon body harness included
  • Complies with federal safety regulation for personal fall protection
  • Connectors included
  • Vertical lanyard and horizontal line included
  • Add this personal fall protection to your cart now
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Clase de categoría: 310-1220

Exhaust Scrubber Accessory for Boom Lift

  • Complies with OSHA standards for CO2 emissions
  • Clean up the jobsite air quality easily
  • Attaches to gas and diesel engines
  • Protect your crew and your site
  • Add this exhaust scrubber accessory to your cart now
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Clase de categoría: 310-1230

Glass and Panel Tray Accessory for Boom Lift

  • Transport materials safely to full elevation
  • Reduce strain from bending and picking up equipment
  • Attaches to boom lifts easily and securely
  • Ergonomic and convenient
  • Add this tray accessory kit to your cart now
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Clase de categoría: 330-8100

Gravity Assist Tool Support Arm

  • Attaches to racks, mounts or lifts for elevated work
  • Tool arm is easily maneuverable and ergonomic
  • Let the gravity assist tool arm do the heavy lifting
  • Securely holds tool, decreasing risk of drops
  • Add this gravity assist tool support arm to your cart
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Clase de categoría: 300-9915

Pipe Cradle for Scissor Lifts

  • Secure pipes and conduits off the scissor lift platform
  • Increase working space
  • Keep equipment within reach with no bending or tripping
  • Best for plumbing and electrical work
  • Add this scissor lift pipe cradle to your cart
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Push Around Lift Straddle Kit Accessory

  • Be ready for any obstacle with the lift straddle kit
  • Available as an accessory for push around single-man lifts
  • Fit around pews or rows of seating
  • Reach difficult work areas safely
  • Add this push around lift straddle kit to your cart
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Clase de categoría: 300-9945

Scissor Lift Diaper Kit

  • Protect finished floors and surfaces from lift fluids and debris
  • Kit includes bungee cords and magnet clips to attach to lift
  • Easy to attach to scissor lifts
  • Ensure a clean jobsite from day one
  • Add this scissor lift diaper kit to your cart
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Welding Package Accessory for Boom Lift

  • Conserve space on your boom lift with specialized welder attachment
  • Welder supplies 250 amp power to the boom lift, saving fuel
  • Secured to the lift to avoid theft and fall risks
  • No leads hanging over the edge of the lift
  • Add this welding package to your boom lift rental now
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