Temporary Fence

United Rentals has the resources to meet your fencing needs on the jobsite. Whether you’re working construction or hosting an event, our fencing is conveniently available to help you set the scene. Our offerings work well for purposes of creating barriers or for privacy. This approach to fencing also creates barriers to assist in crowd and traffic control increasing safety in event or jobsite environments. Check out our selection now.

FAQs about Temporary Fencing

What are the benefits of temporary fencing?

  • Temporary fencing comes with several benefits. First and foremost, because it’s temporary, you get the convenience for work and tasks that will only last for shorter periods of time. Secondly, this type of fencing is easy to install and maintain, which helps to ensure efficient uses of time when setting up a site. Next, it’s cost-efficient, sparing the expense of permanent fencing materials. 

Can I rent temporary privacy fencing?

  • Yes, you can rent temporary fencing. United Rentals offers galvanized metal paneling and cloth windscreen options to suit your needs. Feel free to browse here for more information or call your local UR branch to speak with an expert today.

How do I install fence panels?

  • The best way to install privacy fencing is generally dependent upon the type of fencing being utilized. In this case, “fencing” often includes any material that creates a barrier, from temporary fabric, plastic, or metal panels to stationary wiring and wooden fences. For the safest and most efficient installation practices, reach out to United Rentals specialists at your local branch for expert assistance.
fence panels
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Fence Panels

  • 6 x12 freestanding panels
  • Erected with peg stands
  • Galvanized, 11.5-gauge
  • Option for sandbags or driven posts for additional support
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information
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Privacy / Wind Screens

  • 6-ft high, cut to any length
  • Highly-durable colored fabric
  • Available in multiple colors and is customizable
  • Provides a clean and professional look while providing dust protection and privacy
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information