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Bulldozers are heavy-duty earthmoving equipment used for clearing. Dozers run on tracks instead of wheels. These rubber tracks helps them move through muddy sites. Dozers' metal plates or "blades" push material around a site, clearing it of waste, excess soils, rubble and other material. Bulldozers are ideal for farming, construction, road building and more. 

Bulldozers are organized by horsepower. The bigger the horsepower, the bigger the size and blade capacity. Bulldozers with 85hp to 105hp are considered standard-sized machines, used for general construction. They can move around smaller sites. Dozers with 160 to 200hp are used in larger construction sites, road construction and mining applications. Two hundred horsepower and higher are heavy-duty machines used in highway construction and large sites.


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Can a bulldozer remove stumps?

  • A bulldozer may break a stump off the ground or clear fallen trees, but will have trouble removing roots. In fact, a large tree stump may damage the blade. Equipment like a backhoe or an excavator with a thumb or hammer attachment can remove tree stumps more easily without damage. 

How many hours do bulldozer tracks last?

  • The durability of the bulldozer tracks depends on the work you're doing and the materials the bulldozer is clearing. A general rule of thumb is that after 2,500 to 3,500 hours the tracks will need some maintenance. The tracks may need to be replaced after 5,000 to 7,000 hours.   

What size bulldozer do I need?

  • The right size dozer depends on the work you are doing and where you are working. Consider what your site can handle. Make sure the bulldozer can move around your site without damaging the ground or structures. Also consider whether your dozer can keep up with your other equipment.



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Clase de categoría: 906-2290

Dozer, 90-95 HP, Low Ground Pressure

  • Operating weight up to 21,180 lbs., ground pressure up to 4.57 PSI
  • Blade width up to 10' 4''
  • Digging depth up to 22.84"
  • Blade capacity up to 2.6 cubic yards
  • Uses: Ideal for easily clearing dirt for construction and industrial applications
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