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Backhoes are multipurpose earthmoving machines used for trench work, utility street work, loading and more. Backhoes are named for their extending arm that pulls dirt "back" and up from a site. Backhoes — also known as diggers or backhoe loaders — are smaller than excavators and have four wheels that can tread on smooth or rough terrain. We have narrow backhoes with 2-wheel drive and heavier-duty 4-wheel drive models. 

Backhoes can fit in narrow worksites and trailers where large earthmovers can't. But they can still complete heavy-duty work. There are extensions available for the cab and arms to meet your site needs. 


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How deep can a backhoe dig?

  • Digging depth depends on the model of the backhoe; the standard backhoe we offer digs up to 14'8''. We also offer bucket extensions that can offer additional 3.5 foot dig. ¿No está seguro de qué necesita? Call United Rentals today.

How many yards does a backhoe bucket hold?

  • While we offer multiple backhoe models, typically each bucket can hold around 1.03 cubic yards of soil. Different buckets are available for multipurpose applications. See our Earthmoving Attachments section for more backhoe bucket options.

Is a backhoe the same as an excavator?

  • Backhoes and excavators (specifically mini-excavators) look similar and they can do similar jobs, but they are different in important ways. Typical excavators are much bigger, but mini-excavators can do a lot of the same things backhoes can do. They both have articulating booms, dippers, and buckets and are used for trench work, construction work and more. Excavators don't have wheels; they run on tracks (that is why they are also known as trackhoes), and they have very good traction for slick, muddy sites. Excavators have 360-degree swing rotation, but backhoes only have 180- to 200-degree swing rotation.



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