Dewatering, groundwater control, and remediation for construction

If sludge, slurry, rain, or wastewater are slowing down your work or if transferring, containing, or treating liquids is the job at hand, United Rentals Fluid Solutions can handle it.

As the largest provider of fluid solutions in North America, we can help if you need a single wellpoint pump or a complete custom-engineered dewatering system.

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Let United Rentals keep you up and running with a turnkey construction dewatering solution.

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Manage and treat stormwater

Dewatering a construction site efficiently when heavy rain hits allows work to continue without costly delays.

United Rentals Fluid Solutions helped design a custom on-site sediment treatment system for a large contractor in Oregon, which safely discharged volume flows of 800 GPM to get their project back up and running.

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