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United Rentals - Greenville

Contenedores para almacenamiento y oficinas móviles 11519 ANDERSON RD

ID de la sucursal: AI6
Greenville, SC 29611-7503

El área de servicio incluye lo siguiente:

Área de servicio

  • Greenville, SC
  • Spartanburg, SC
  • Anderson, SC
  • Easley, SC
  • Greer, SC
  • Simpsonville, SC
  • Mauldin, SC
  • Taylors, SC
  • Clemson, SC
  • Pickens, SC
  • Travelers Rest, SC
  • Fountain Inn, SC
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Su socio de contenedores para almacenamiento y oficinas móviles en Greenville

United Rentals has an extensive selection of storage container and mobile office solutions for you. We offer shipping containers for sale with competitive pricing, timely pickups, deliveries and maintenance. We also specialize in mobile office and storage container modifications, renovations, restorations and transportation.

When deciding on a storage or workspace option from our equipment selection, you can count on the reliability of our offerings. Check out our article for more information on choosing the shipping container size that's best for you. Please view our selection of the most common sizing options below. 

United Rentals also offers PV3 safety containers for customers desiring an added level of security. These units are crafted with an easy-to-use key and lever system for convenient locking and unlocking, in addition to the industry’s only emergency exit allowing a user to exit even if the door is locked behind him/her. Our ground-level office units can also be equipped with various accessories like solar lights, allowing your team to load and unload safely, no matter the time of day.

On any given day, we might provide storage containers to a retailer prior to the holiday season or finish modifications on a ground-level office (GLO) container building to be used on a construction site. United Rentals provides on-site storage and workspace essentials when you need them most.

United Rentals is the world's largest equipment rental and end-to-end worksite solutions company. Backed by a robust fleet of rental equipment and a team of experts ready to engineer a custom solution for projects of any size, we’ve got you covered. United Rentals ofrece camiones y remolques, soluciones de electricidad y calefacción, ventilación y aire acondicionado, compresores de aire y herramientas, equipos de movimiento de tierra y mucho más. Además, con casi 1,200 ubicaciones en Norteamérica, tenemos las herramientas y los equipos que usted necesita, en el lugar donde los necesita. Reserve sus equipos de alquiler en línea y aproveche las herramientas digitales para administrar y optimizar su flota, controlar costos, acceder a las facturas y tener un control total sobre sus proyectos. United Rentals está aquí para ayudarlo a mantener los proyectos según lo previsto. Learn more about our storage container and mobile office solutions today.


Pac Van Container Promo Image

Pac-Van se une a United Rentals

Pac-Van ha crecido desde una ubicación en Columbus, Ohio, hasta unirse a la amplia red de United Rentals. Trabajamos con diversas industrias; y ofrecemos soluciones de almacenamiento y oficina para sitios de construcción, atención médica, comercio minorista y otras aplicaciones. Nuestro equipo responsable del servicio de atención al cliente, el mejor de su clase, se asegurará de que usted tenga los contenedores para almacenamiento, los edificios de contenedores modulares y las oficinas móviles que necesita. 


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FAQs about Storage Containers
Do the containers come in a variety of sizes?

Sí. Standard sizes are 20 feet and 40 feet and are available at all Storage and Office Solutions locations. Other sizes may be available, including 10, 16, 24, 45 and 48 feet. Should these sizes not fit your requirements, we offer services to modify them from standard sizes. These modified containers will not be CSC plated unless otherwise discussed. Read our Project Uptime article for more information on choosing the right storage container size for you. Standard size specs are below. Please reach out to your local representatives for other size specs.


Interior (Sq. Ft. —   
Width x Length x Height)

Door Opening  
(Width x Height)


20' std

148 — 7'8" x 19'4" x 7'10"

7'6" x 7'5"

5,000 lb

40' std

300 — 7'8" x 39'5" x 7'10"

7'6" x 7'5"

8,500 lbs.

40' high cube

300 — 7'8" x 39'5" x 7'10"

7'6" x 8'5"

9,000 lbs.


How much can a storage container hold?

A standard 20' container will hold about 1,150 cubic feet. A standard 40' container will hold about 2,400 cubic feet. A standard 40’ High Cube container holds almost 2,700 cubic feet. Learn more about shipping container dimensions and sizes in our article.

What materials are used in constructing a container?

Most standard containers are manufactured using corten steel frames with corrugated sides and marine plywood floors. Containers have forklift pockets and are stackable by securing the four corner castings. Some earlier containers were manufactured with plank floors. Reefer containers (if available) have aluminum "T" section floors. A small percentage of new containers are manufactured with steel floors.

What kind of modifications are available for containers?

Custom paint jobs, extra doors, shelving, turbine vents, partitions, insulation, HVAC and much more are available in select locations. Please reach out to your United Rentals Storage and Office Solutions representative for more information on our custom storage container modifications.

Can containers be stacked?

Sí. Containers are built to be stacked and, through the 4 corner-posts, most containers can safely support over 300 tons static weight. The roof panels and side top rails can support only lightweight items without causing permanent distortion/damage.

Are there certain items I cannot store in a container?

Storage containers are not to be used for storing hazardous materials, ammunition, firearms, illegal substances or perishables.

What locking options are available?

All standard 20- or 40-foot United Rentals storage containers are equipped with four cam rods and four padlock hasps. Optional rod locks can be added for a monthly fee. Our unique PV3 Safety Containers utilize interior locking rods and a solid brass lock with a hardened steel pin. In addition, you can also add a standard padlock.

What if the container I rented needs repair?

United Rentals will maintain the unit throughout the term of the rental period. If you need maintenance, call us, and we will come out promptly.

How much space is needed for delivery?

A 20-foot storage container needs approximately 75 feet of straight clearance. A 40-foot storage container needs approximately 100 feet straight clearance. The width requirement is approximately 12 feet, and a minimum of 20 feet of overhead clearance is required at the drop-off location. Any obstacles like trees and overhead wires must be cleared prior to delivery. Speak to a United Rentals representative for more information on preparing your site for storage container delivery.

How do you deliver a portable storage container?

United Rentals can deliver your container via a tilt-bed truck to your desired location. The driver will back the trailer in and lower the end of the container until it touches the ground, then will pull straight out from under the container. Your representative will ask if we should load the container with the doors facing the cab or to the truck's rear. You must decide based on the desired location of the container door at your site. A lift truck or crane can be used to set the containers in confined areas.

Is there any site preparation necessary, and where can a container stand?

The only thing to be concerned about is that the surface is level, smooth and firm. Our trucks and trailers weigh over 30,000 pounds; a concrete pad, asphalt paving or other sturdy surface is preferred, and most drivers will not drive off a road or paved surface. If you need an off-road delivery, please discuss the road condition with your sales representative in advance. For more information, check out our article on shipping container site preparation.

Asphalt, gravel, grass, earth and concrete surfaces are all acceptable when considering the container's resting location. The container is self-supporting at its four corners. Therefore, on soft, unstable surfaces, we recommend each corner casting be supported with a concrete footing, railroad ties, asphalt or a bed of gravel to spread the weight. This is also very important for container doors to operate smoothly.

What if I want to move the container later?

We can move the container for you. United Rentals storage containers and ground-level container offices are portable, can be lifted with a forklift and can be stacked; however, certain weight restrictions and damage liability limitations apply. Always consult your United Rentals representative before moving the container yourself.

¿Qué es una GLO?

GLO stands for Ground Level Office. GLOs are modified from our standard storage container, creating a portable jobsite office. Since GLOs are delivered and set level to the ground, stairs, blocking and anchors are not needed, which allows for quick set up and ease of access. Las GLO están diseñadas para satisfacer las necesidades del cliente en el lugar de trabajo y vienen en una variedad de combinaciones. Aunque puede haber diferencias regionales en los modelos, los tipos comunes son: 20 ft de solo oficina, 20 ft de combinación de oficina/almacenamiento, 40 ft de solo oficina, 40 ft de combinación de oficina/almacenamiento y 40 ft de oficina doble.

¿Qué incluye una GLO?

Our GLOs come standard with HVAC units, lighting, electric hookup and outlets, data ports, sliding windows with screens and steel bar window security guards, steel security door(s) with deadbolt(s), built-in work surfaces and file cabinets, planning space, finished floors and insulated walls. Hay GLO con baño disponibles en ciertas ubicaciones.

¿Se pueden personalizar las GLO?

Sí. Available extras include shelving, enforcer locks, workbenches, ramps, lighting, etc. GLOs can be outfitted with any extras necessary so they are fully equipped upon delivery. Las modificaciones incluyen:

  • Colores de pintura personalizados
  • Construcción según diseño del cliente con fabricación profesional
  • Doors - man doors, roll-up doors, double doors, hatches
  • Lighting - fluorescent, incandescent, low voltage
  • HVAC - proven climate control systems protect materials & supplies from freezing and heat
  • Insulation - offering savings in heating/cooling
  • Partitions - solid walls, partial walls, removable walls, fencing, pass through windows, and counters


How do you deliver a portable ground level container?

Just like our storage containers, United Rentals can deliver your container via a tilt-bed truck to your desired location. Various site conditions can be accommodated; however, solid surfaces are required to drive on for delivery/setup. GLOs should be placed in solid, well-drained locations. Trucks and trailers will need approximately 100 feet of clearance to deliver, including the space the GLO occupies.

What if the GLO I rented needs repair?

Any service or repair can be made on-site by United Rentals Storage and Office Solutions service staff or through our nationwide network of vendors. Please reach out to your United Rentals representative with any repair requests.


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