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Oficina para la fabricación industrial en el suelo
Contenedores para almacenamiento y oficinas móviles para

Industria y fabricación


Providing Storage Container, Mobile Office Trailer and Modular Building Solutions for Industrial Applications

United Rentals is your partner for all temporary storage containers and offices for industrial and manufacturing plants. We work with industrial plants and manufacturing facilities alike to support day-to-day operations, security initiatives, building renovations, seasonal shutdowns and plant expansion needs with our portable storage containers, mobile office trailers and modular building solutions. Our shipping containers, ground-level offices and modular buildings can become your security offices, temporary operations offices, equipment shelters and more.

The United Rentals team is ready to accommodate your portable storage container and mobile office space needs, for lease or for sale. Whether you're looking for an in-plant office (IPO), a guard shack or booth, storage containers or additional industrial modular buildings on your site, we are ready to help develop a plan to meet your requirements. Additionally, thanks in part to United Rentals' 2021 Pac-Van, Inc. acquisition, our inventory and staff are better equipped than ever to serve our industrial and manufacturing customers.

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Equipos necesarios

Contenedores para almacenamiento portátiles, oficinas a nivel del suelo, remolques de oficina y edificios modulares

Contenedores para almacenamiento
Gray Storage Container

Contenedores para almacenamiento

14-gauge steel storage containers — also known as conex boxes, shipping containers, sea boxes and industrial containers — for equipment enclosures and storage.

Oficinas a nivel del suelo
Gray Ground Level Office

Oficinas a nivel del suelo

Guard shacks built from storage containers. Customizable with lighting, outlets, restrooms and more.

Remolques oficina
Oficinas portátiles

Remolques oficina

Mobile office trailers are perfect for portable construction site offices, security booths, parking kiosks, first aid trailers, crew quarters and more.

Edificios modulares
Edificios modulares

Edificios modulares

Durable modular container buildings that can be built and opened in half the time of traditional construction and used for in-plant offices, modular locker rooms, modular warehouse offices and more.


Soluciones industriales

How Storage Containers & Mobile Offices Can Help

Choose United Rentals for temporary buildings, shipping containers and temporary offices.


United Rentals constructs your temporary building on our facilities and then delivers it to you, reducing risk to your employees or equipment caused by additional construction happening on your site.

Customized Options

Modular buildings and customized storage containers can be fabricated to your specific needs and specs, such as temporary office space for personnel interviewing when seasonal hiring picks up onsite.

Quick Turnaround

We can deliver customized industrial modular buildings and modular warehouse offices on shorter timelines than traditional construction.

Total Site Solutions

When you partner with United Rentals, you can leverage our entire network of site solutions, including Power & HVAC, Climate Solutions and Reliable Onsite Services.


Contenedores para almacenamiento y oficinas móviles

Proyectos destacados para aplicaciones industriales y de fabricación


Garita de la planta de energía

This 9’6" by 21' custom steel guard house is in the mountains of North Carolina at a brand new 560-megawatt natural gas power plant. A general contractor needed a pre-manufactured guard shack at the main entrance for personnel. Built with safety and energy efficiency in mind, the building consists of 4-inch-thick steel walls, a polyiso foam core roof with mineral wool insulation, a 20-gauge insulated steel door, a climate control system, a sprinkler system and an ADA-compliant bathroom with fixtures. The windows are 3-foot by 3-foot with quarter-inch tempered safety wired glass and are an integral part of the wall panel. The doors are one-hour fire rated, and the windows are 45-minute fire rated. The flooring is an attractive white marbled vinyl composite tile with 4-inch black vinyl cove molding. Further, we matched the new guard shack's paint to the surrounding buildings our customer was constructing onsite.

After construction, the building was approved by the NCECC (North Carolina Energy Conservation Code). With the guard house built offsite, the risk of personnel injury was reduced, which saved our customer costs related to insurance, workers' compensation and lost worker hours.


Wisconsin Utility Company Container Guard Shack

A Wisconsin utility company needed a guard shack for an electricity generation location. Made from a 10-foot container, this unit was fitted with vertical and horizontal sliding windows, a steel door with a window and locks, an HVAC unit, electricity and lighting. El contenedor es fácil de transportar con compartimientos para montacargas ubicados a lo largo de la parte inferior del contenedor. This unit only took three weeks to produce, presenting unique savings on time and budget.


Energy Company Equipment Shelter

An energy company needed five custom 40-foot containers to store electrical supplies throughout Wisconsin as they upgraded the electrical grid and substations. Starting with standard 40-foot containers, each unit was modified with shelving, worktables, power, lighting and roll doors for easy access to tools, equipment and supplies.

Exterior de IPO de fabricación industrial

Nueva página Duchas y vestidores modulares para empleados

Our client needed an onsite modular locker room with shower facilities for their employees. We delivered this 840-square-foot modular locker room building and a preconstructed metal frame that sat on top of an existing building that was subsequently crane-lifted in sections. Destinamos la mitad del edificio prefabricado a los casilleros y bancos para los empleados, y en la otra mitad estaba la zona de duchas. This locker room building features a concealed sprinkler system in the ceiling, seven showers, four wall-hung sinks, two wall-mounted urinals and two water closets with two water heaters. Los interiores tienen superficies de pisos enrollables comerciales y Kemlite de fibra de vidrio laminada que cubre las paredes.

SCMO (contenedores de almacenamiento y oficinas móviles): Resolution Copper

Garita modular de Resolution Copper

Cuando un cliente necesitó una cabina de seguridad temporal para su instalación, pudimos ayudarlo. This Resolution Copper 14-by-28-foot modular guard shack comprises a single module booth. Construimos esta garita modular con un marco perimetral de acero sobre una losa de concreto acabado. La cabina de seguridad prefabricada también cuenta con un techo con una única pendiente estéticamente agradable y paredes exteriores de Smart Panel de 7/16 pulgadas. Por último, la cabina de seguridad portátil tiene dos puertas de patio de acero 6080 a cada lado del edificio, y la parte delantera de la cabina ofrece una excelente visibilidad a través de una ventana de doble vidrio 6040.


Complejo de oficinas modular de Gold Mine

Located 3 miles northeast of the town of Kershaw in Lancaster County, South Carolina, a gold mine includes approximately 4,552 acres of land that for nearly two centuries has had multiple waves of mining activity. Today, it is a whole new operation, with new facilities and equipment, constructed to make use of state-of-the-art technology and mining practices. La empresa minera necesitaba instalaciones temporales mientras construían nuevas oficinas de operaciones. Les proporcionamos un complejo modular para alojar al equipo de ingeniería, administración, contratación, operaciones y gerencia. Shown are six buildings onsite with another 10 buildings set up throughout the location.


GLO (oficina a nivel del suelo) con compresor personalizado de 20 ft

A leader in onsite, gaseous nitrogen generation systems hired our team to produce several unique container modification projects across the U.S. One of six units, this modified container houses compressors and other equipment.

The client’s engineers provided the initial drawings, and the United Rentals service team implemented the modifications to their specifications. Se llevaron a cabo varias reuniones para revisar las especificaciones debido a las cualidades únicas de las cajas que cumplen con las normas ISO. We have completed five other similar projects for this client, which have been shipped to California, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

The client has been impressed with our processes, quality workmanship and attention to detail and has verbally discussed additional opportunities for future projects. Many of our office locations have modification capabilities or mod shops and can take a normal shipping container and turn it into something special like the compressor equipment house above or an administration building, service kiosk, work and tool shop, lounge area for employees and more.

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