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Contenedores para almacenamiento y oficinas móviles para




Modular Buildings and Storage Containers for Schools

United Rentals is here to design, deliver and install temporary modular buildings and storage and office containers for schools and other institutions when they need extra storage space, administration offices or additional classrooms. When schools need more space for new construction, expansion or other needs, storage containers and modular buildings provide additional storage and workspace for students and staff. Our secure shipping containers are ideal for storing seasonal equipment and maintenance supplies. Our office trailers and ground-level offices can be delivered quickly for that extra administrative space, faculty break rooms, ticket sales kiosks, and locker rooms you need for staff or for upcoming sports and extracurricular events. With the 2021 acquisition of Pac-Van, Inc., our inventory and staff are better equipped than ever to help you find the right solution for your facility.

Need temporary classrooms customized for your school’s colors? We can design, deliver and install modular classrooms built to your specifications. When customers need school trailers, expanded administrative offices, teacher break rooms and restrooms, we can provide a total solution for students and staff on shorter timelines than traditional construction.

Contenedores para almacenamiento portátiles, oficinas a nivel del suelo, remolques de oficina y edificios modulares

Contenedores para almacenamiento
Gray Storage Container

Contenedores para almacenamiento

Los contenedores para almacenamiento de acero calibre 14 ofrecen espacio de almacenamiento adicional. También se denominan cajas Conex, contenedores de embarque, cajas para envío por mar y contenedores industriales.

Oficinas a nivel del suelo
Gray Ground Level Office

Oficinas a nivel del suelo

Espacio de oficina o almacenamiento totalmente personalizable construido a partir de un contenedor para almacenamiento convertido. Equipe su GLO (oficina a nivel del suelo) con iluminación, tomacorrientes, baños y más.

Remolques oficina
Oficinas portátiles

Remolques oficina

Remolques de oficina móviles y contenedores de oficina a nivel del suelo ideales para oficinas portátiles en sitios de construcción, cabinas de seguridad, parquímetros, remolques de primeros auxilios, espacios para las cuadrillas y más.

Edificios modulares
Edificios modulares

Edificios modulares

Edificios de contenedores modulares duraderos y atractivos que se pueden construir y abrir en la mitad de tiempo en comparación con la construcción tradicional. Esto ofrece una opción rentable para oficinas comerciales, edificios médicos, quioscos, salones de clase, instalaciones para el cuidado infantil, oficinas gubernamentales y más.

Contenedores para almacenamiento y oficinas móviles

Proyectos destacados para la industria de la educación


4-plex Elementary Modular Classroom Custom Additions

Clearcreek Elementary School needed a modular school building for much-needed classroom space that blended seamlessly into the existing school structure. For the exterior treatment, our team matched the colors of the masonry, scuppers, downspouts and metal trim of the modular classroom to the existing school structure. The interior comprises four modules, configured into four large 30-by-30-foot classrooms and a hallway. The project was a success, and our customer and the community residents were unable to tell the difference between the original school buildings and the prefab classrooms and offices.

SCMO (contenedores de almacenamiento y oficinas móviles): Edificio de la escuela Ross Montessori

Ross Montessori Modular School Building Delivered in Less Than 30 Days

La escuela Ross Montessori necesitaba un edificio escolar modular antes de que comenzara el semestre, lo que daba un tiempo mínimo para la construcción. The building’s eight portable classrooms are arranged in an “H” shape so that each classroom attaches to the school’s central 1,500-square-foot common area. Each classroom is 1,080 square feet with two 4-by-4-foot windows, an exterior door and floors covered in 2/3 carpet and 1/3 tile. While we designed the building as a permanent structure, it can be broken up into five 3-plex units for transportation, should the need arise. Entregamos este edificio escolar modular de 11,376 pies cuadrados y 15 ambientes en solo 19 días, lo que le permitió a la escuela abrir a tiempo.

SCMO (contenedores de almacenamiento y oficinas móviles): Edificio modular escolar de 8 ambientes

Laboratorios y oficina modular de 8 ambientes de la Regis University

La Regis University necesitaba un complejo modular de oficinas con laboratorios, y estábamos encantados de ayudar. This 6,888-square-foot modular school building comprises two 1,080-square-foot classrooms, restrooms, professors’ offices and a resource center. Hemos diseñado el exterior del edificio para que tenga los mismos colores de la universidad. Five rooftop HVAC systems provide variable heating/cooling zones for the different uses in the building. In addition, energy recovery ventilators in each modular lab add airflow when the rooms are full. All interior walls were designed with R11 poly-encapsulated acoustical insulation, and all corridors have a one-hour fire rating throughout the modular should a fire break out.


Custom Modular Classrooms, Labs and Offices — DePaul Cristo Rey High School

DePaul Cristo Rey High School needed a custom modular building to use for classrooms, science labs and administration offices. The biggest challenge with this project was the plot of land with which we had to work. The modular facilities are perched on a wooded hillside that overlooks the existing campus. Once the site work was completed, the 27 modules were craned into place. On the middle building, a site-built grand entryway was constructed. The team modified the configuration/layouts for buildings No. 1 and No. 2 drastically to allow for offices, labs and classrooms to meet the customer's campus needs. La fachada del edificio es una combinación de bloque de doble cara y panel Hardie, junto con umbrales personalizados. This was a cost-effective project for our customer from the start. We were able to purchase used modular facilities from a past customer for minimal costs. El cliente ahorró más de $500,000 solo en costos de construcción. This cost saving allowed the customer to install some of the accent items, such as building interior and exterior upgrades, that otherwise may not have fit in their budget.

SCMO (contenedores de almacenamiento y oficinas móviles): Edificio educativo de la AOF (American Opportunity Foundation)

Custom Modular Education Building — American Opportunity Foundation

The American Opportunity Foundation project is a 7,968-square-foot modular building comprising 11 12-by-40-foot modules and three 2-by-60-foot modules configured in an L-shape. Designed as a childcare facility, the building has three offices, child and adult restrooms, a laundry facility, a break room, a lounge, day care rooms and a lobby area. El exterior del edificio exhibe una estética muy moderna y una fachada de estuco blanco y gris oscuro. We used 12-by-40-foot shipping containers and 12-by-60-foot shipping containers approved by the California Department of Housing & Community Development with a pier and pad tie down foundation, recessed to ground level. All fixtures, doors and windows comply with childcare guidelines, including the 13 child-sized toilets and sinks. The unit is relocatable and built to California Code of Regulations Title 21, a state regulation to ensure modular buildings are of the highest standard using the most energy-efficient materials. Las unidades de aire acondicionado son todas eléctricas y poseen bombas de calor. Cost-effective choices included the recessed pier and pad foundation that eliminated any cement work for the customer and using standard shipping containers to create a custom unit. The HVACs are end mounted versus roof mounted, eliminating the need for a crane and preventing anyone from climbing on the roof, which can cause safety issues and leaks.


Tennis Team Facility With HVAC, Lights and Windows

This 8-by-40-foot ISO standard container was installed adjacent to multiple tennis courts at an Indianapolis private high school. Se usa como una instalación de entrenamiento de tenis. The shipping container event space is climate controlled and utilizes the original container doors to lead into an equipment storage area. An exterior door gives access to a space for players to review instructional training videos. The interior is bright due to the 48-inch energy-efficient LED lights as well as high-efficiency windows for observation and natural lighting. The walls are covered with vinyl-covered Luan, and the flooring is finished with vinyl tile. El contenedor se pintó con los colores de la marca de la escuela. The shipping container stands also include an exterior stairwell leading up to an observation deck with a wrap-around fence enclosure that can accommodate up to 42 spectators for a full view of tennis matches.

SCMO (contenedores de almacenamiento y oficinas móviles): Edificio educativo de L.I.F.E.

Energy-Efficient Modular School Buildings — Design to Installation in 170 Days

This 70-by-68-foot modular building was built and installed for L.I.F.E., a place for developmentally disabled children that offers a variety of therapies to help improve their quality of life. With four classrooms, restrooms and three administrative offices, L.I.F.E. was able to increase classroom space while also adding three offices for additional staff members. The town of Gilbert required specific design criteria, such as an extended roof parapet, which helped to hide the mounted HVAC units. L.I.F.E. also required the building to be set below grade, and exterior elements were matched to an existing modular structure on the campus. A fire alarm and security system were connected to their existing system. By using a clear span roof, we were able to secure the structural integrity of the building and allow for future modifications to the building. Given the extreme Arizona heat, the roof was covered using white EPDM, which helps to reflect light, creating a more energy-efficient building. Además, instalamos cinco bombas de calor comerciales de techo Daikin de 4 toneladas. This high-efficiency system helps to save energy while keeping costs low. Para este proyecto, se tardó un total de 170 días desde el momento del diseño hasta la instalación final.


Custom-Modified Modular Classrooms and Break Rooms

This project included 11,788 square feet of classroom and break room space encompassing seven different buildings. Se eligió un color beige suave para la estructura y colores con ribete marrón medio para el exterior, porque se confundía con el entorno natural del desierto y para ayudar a proteger el cálido sol de verano de Arizona. The colors were matched to the colors on the existing main campus building. The red colored ramps and steps were chosen to create a playful atmosphere for the students. The interior wall colors were coordinated to blend the VCG with the carpet, creating a pleasant surrounding for the students. The teachers’ break room was designed with functionality in mind. Incluimos un baño para el personal, un área de comedor y líneas telefónicas, todo dentro del mismo lugar.


Modular High School Press Box — Delivered and Installed in One Day

This 340-square-foot stackable modular building was constructed for the Danville High School football field. The structure comprises two separate units, one 10-by-30 foot and one 8-by-10 foot. This unit was shipped and crane-lifted into place on the same day. It sits high atop a structural steel mezzanine built just behind the existing bleachers. Features include an interior stair to a hatch door that opens onto the top deck. The interior provides workspace and electrical hookups for the press along the entire length of the unit, and another 18 feet of locking storage doubles as a platform for second row seating inside. The top unit is equipped with a Raynor rolling door for camera use and two exterior steel doors.


30-plex University of Cincinnati — Wilson Auditorium Modular Building

The University of Cincinnati uses this modular school building as a swing space for the university, which was running increasingly low on space. Además de agregar más módulos en un corto período, las innovaciones técnicas para este proyecto incluyeron cambios en la disposición interior de los dos edificios escolares portátiles.

Classroom sizes at the university needed to be considerably bigger than the original classroom areas of the modular building. Our team worked with Mark Line Industries to design larger portable classroom sizes. Al retirar las paredes de carga e instalar vigas de LVL (chapa de madera laminada) soportadas en postes de acero dentro de la cavidad del techo, pudimos crear módulos de vidrio transparente. Este cambio de diseño nos permitió duplicar el tamaño de cada salón de clase.

El proyecto Espacio Provisional para el Auditorio Wilson destaca la serie de proyectos de reutilización que hemos completado con la Universidad de Cincinnati. La universidad compró los edificios escolares prefabricados usados de un distrito escolar público local por una fracción del costo original.

By reusing an existing set of buildings, the customer was able to have their entire swing space plan completed before the start of the fall trimester. With the space in place in such a short time, the university was able to move on to the next phase of its expansion and renovation project.

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