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Reach forklifts provide ample strength, lift height and versatile performance features for a variety of applications. The high reach forklift rentals' low-profile design allows them to fit under standard 9 ft. doorways. Muchas unidades tienen motores montados en el centro y una larga distancia entre los ejes para mayor movilidad en el lodo y entre rocas, terrenos ásperos y vertientes. Our variable reach forklifts have maximum lift heights up to 56 ft. and load capacities up to 15,000 lbs.


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How high can a forklift reach?

  • The height a forklift can reach depends on its size, model and load. United Rentals offers reach forklifts with maximum lift heights up to 56'. Load capacities for these forklifts range from 6600 to 16,000 lb. based on a 24" load center lifting on level ground.

How do you steer a reach forklift?

  • In order to operate a forklift, you must have a forklift certification. Many technical and online schools offer forklift training and certification at an affordable cost. Steering a forklift is different than steering a car. When operating a forklift, the steering wheel usually controls the rear wheels of the forklift because the front wheels are bearing the weight of the load. Because the rear wheels steer the forklift, you have to be careful and not take turns too quickly, which could cause the vehicle to tip over or spill the load.

Is a reach truck a forklift?

  • Yes, a reach truck is a Class II forklift used for narrow aisle applications like warehouses. Two outer legs help distribute the heavy load while two wheels in the back underneath the operator make it easier to maneuver in tight spaces, perfect for picking up and putting away inventory.



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